jessica townsend
After Graduating a Masters in 2005 at Edinburgh College of Art, Jessica Townsend is one of the up and coming glass artists in the U.K. Her personal approach to work and use of glass as an artistic medium, bring about a unique angle and draw on the natural qualities of the material.

"My work emerges from personal experiences, which leads me to research different aspects of a chosen theme. I use this to make a personal comment using the physical nature of glass as an instigator. Femininity, Media and the Human form play a key role!”

Having specialized in Cast Glass Jessica works predominantly with this technique, although “the ideas dictate the process… for me I have to understand what I am conveying with my work and use the best material possible.”
house art in glass
“The perfect face, the perfect breasts, the perfect home! All women strive for perfection – in a search for perfection are we losing a grasp of reality?”

Germaine Greer, The Whole Woman (London, 2002)